CCL November 7 Symposium

No screaming insults, no sophomoric one-liners, no cancel culture, no rude interruptions — just reasoned, respectful discussion, warm rapport, and delectable food.

Dear friends and supporters:

Sharon and I have been on the road all week, so I thought it apt to use this week’s e-newsletter to promote the impending Center for Cultural Leadership symposium.

Join other culturally invested Christians from around the country in discussing great topics and preparing for relevant engagement for Christ and his kingdom. Hear thoughtful presenters address germane topics, and offer your own opinion for discussion. The time will be (and always is) memorable. The event includes a catered gourmet lunch.

The symposium is set for November 7, four days after the election, and again in a gorgeous Bayview hotel in scenic San Francisco.

There’s no charge, but the event is by invitation only, so please contact me if you wish to attend. Send me a private FB message or email me (sandlin[at]saber[dot]net) within the next few days.

2020 Vision for a Blurry Year

The theme is: “2020 Vision for a Blurry Year.”

Topics include:

The upsides of a downside year
Presidential election as chaos

The political ideology of the COVID-19 drama

Cultural Marxists in the streets

The Supreme Court battle and the assault on Amy Coney Barrett

Social justice goes to church — without wearing a mask

The wokeness of sports

And much more.

Everyone will get a chance to contribute, and presenters include David Bahnsen, Brian Mattson, Dustin Messer, Jeffery Ventrella, and me.

All attendees will get a complimentary copy of my new book:

John M. Frame writes:

Christian families today are surrounded by false ideologies, as believers in the ancient world were surrounded by idolatries. Sometimes these false views are expressed in attractive ways, and those false views have sometimes led Christians into compromise. Of course, there are only two worldviews: biblical Christianity and unbelief. It is important that we learn to recognize each.  

In this book, Andrew Sandlin shows that modern unbelief, like ancient unbelief, is based on the presuppositions of Gnostic thought. Gnosticism is an ancient view that regards the material world as the product of an evil spiritual force. On that view, the chief goal of human beings is to escape from the physical world and ascend to be joined to an immaterial divine being. This means that our life is a constant struggle to arise above our material bodies into some kind of disembodied existence, falsely called “spirituality.”

Sandlin shows that this view is the very opposite of what the Bible teaches. Scripture tells us that God made the created world to be something good. What is bad about it is the result of human sin, not the result of human materiality. Our salvation comes, not through trying to climb to an immaterial existence, but by receiving the gift of life from our personal God and seeking through his strength to obey his commands. The final state of believers is not floating in an immaterial heaven, but dwelling in a material, restored, new Heavens and new Earth.

I know of no book that summarizes this story and makes this case any better than Creational Worldview. Every Christian should read it and test his or her own world view against it. 

The Church After Covid – Why Bother Going Back?

Read the new article here.

New Sermons

“Dead to Sin, Alive to God”

If we’re true Christians, and living in sin, we’re like zombies: the living dead; we’re alive, but carrying around the residue of the defeat of death everywhere we go.

Paul says this is no way to live. This is not the Christian life.

“Our Promissory God”

Several decades ago a Canadian schoolteacher Everett Storms read the Bible through 27 times specifically counting God’s promises. The number he came up with is 7,487. We might dis‐ pute that number, but of this there must be no doubt: you can find thousands of God’s promises in the Bible. If you read nothing but divine promises in the Bible, you would be occupied for a very long time. If you removed the promises from the Bible, you would no longer have a Bible.

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Next week’s tentative article title is: “Two Liberalisms, Two Anti-Liberalisms.”

Thank you for helping me. Please keep praying for me. God is answering you.

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