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You write of the church in the "medical era" at one point - should that read "medieval era"?

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Just corrected. Thanks!

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Your section on The Individual Within, and Above, the Community is superb. I find it disheartening (and a bit confusing/hypocritical) when so-called conservatives start using collectivist language (think Kinists and the alt-right types) in order to combat collectivism (i.e., socialism, Marxism, etc). It's hard to argue against welfarism/socialism when you have the same ultimate foundation, just with a different focus.

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"And if they would support their own coercive imposition by the federal government, on what principled grounds would they forbid progressives’ imposition? It won’t suffice to say, “Because we are right and they are wrong.” Every dictatorship in history justified its suppression of political liberty on these grounds."

Correction humbly taken, with thanks.

I will no longer say "because we are right and they are wrong".

I will begin instead to say "because God Almighty, the creator of heaven and Earth, despises murder, therefore you must not do this thing."

Something tells me that even after I make my correction you're not going to change your stance.

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