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Aug 19, 2022Liked by P. Andrew Sandlin

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for kindly supplying, what amounts to me at least, the most elucidating of literary works of the kind that which efficaciously shines a lucid light in the oft-deemed tenebrous & muddy field of our shared Faith, life itself, & of course this temporal bowl of existentialism.

Sourcing reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, wise, Scriptural-based, advice & truth - outside of the Scriptures themselves - has proven to be a difficult mortal assignment for yours truly. So I am most grateful for all of your righteous fruits that eminate from your site, do please keep those weekly posts coming. Indeed, our Father has you walking along quite a special pathway in this life, and He has you labouring in an all-encapsulating, sometimes most interested, harvest field.

I too became a sexigenerian this year so I can empathise with your corporeal plight as your time becomes more in demand and constrained, whilst the bones evermore achy, the mind oft fatigued, & physically more weary.

Marriage is indeed a good-blessed, righteous-spirit building, institution that's pro bono omnium for whover enter in upon it. Thanks be to God.

Pearl Gray.

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